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Coming in March........
    Chef Drew's course on Wine in Ancient Lands, Then & Now

This is a  repeat of classes we offered several years ago--we're going back to the beginning of the history of
wine.  One of the oldest historical accounts of the production of wine is found in the current, huge, archaeological digs going on in Tepe in Iran.
The Tepe jars contain residue of a substance which is most assuredly wine!  That was 12,000 years ago!

 Of course we can't dispute the biblical references to wine that begin with
the tale of Noah planting vines after the flood & getting drunk from his first batches of wine.  Remarkably, the modern-day grape varietal known as vitis vinifera comes from the valleys beneath Mount Ararat,
the historical resting place of the Arc.

 From there the next references to wine come from the ancient Greeks
who made a brew of blended beverages that has been found in receptacles in Santorini that are at least 5000 years old--this is a mixture of the Greek Retsina wine, beer and mead.

We will recreate this drink in our first class.  As a text we'll be following the book called Ancient Wine by Patrick E Mc Govern.  We'll be tasting as many ancient varietal wines as we can find herein Utah and as always,

Chef Drew will be pairing the wines with small plates of yummy, appropriate foods.

 During the 4 week course you'll also receive a course outline
at the beginning of each class containing additional and important information. We are thrilled to be hosted this year by Diane Sheya director of the Salt Lake Culinary Center.
Each week is a voyage taking you not only foreign and exotic places, but discovering the awesome wonder of wine in ancient times.

  • Ecole Dijon is a local cooking class held in the Holladay home of Chef Drew Ellsworth. The groups are small, and classes are geared to the home cook who has grown tired of cooking the same things over and over again. Ecole Dijon gives students the opportunity to watch a professional cook prepare foods in an exciting and expeditious way!
  • The atmosphere is very casual and warm. students can freely more around to see what the chef is doing and there are times when "hands" on training is available.
  • Sunday evening classes feature wine with the food. All the wine classes are taught by a Utah State Certified Wine Educator.
  • Monday Culinary classes feature classical menus with locally produced foods and home baked yummies the whole family will love!

At Ecole Dijon we bake delicious breads and rolls every class....this alone is worth going for!

Every 3-4 weeks you can check the website to see the current schedule of classes.

Chef Drew is always available to schedule a private class for you and a group of 6 or more of your friends.

What a great way to spend an evening!

He also teaches classes for children and teenagers.

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Chef Drew will teaching at a new location the Spring of 2016

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