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Drew  H. Ellsworth

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Coming in 2015 !

You Could Be in the Valpolicella!

A Food and Wine Tour of Venice and the Valpolicella with Chef Drew Ellsworth

Our Trip will begin on Sept. 18, 2015 returning Sept. 28. 

Four nights in Venice, which is the capital of the Veneto--while in Venice, we’ll enjoy a cooking class, guided tours of the city built on water, a side trip to Treviso for a visit to one or more Prosecco wineries and a visit to a wine bar which will give us an historical overview of the wines of Veneto.  (Our flights will be from SLC in and out of Venice either thru JFK or Charles DeGaulle.)

 Lake Garda is west of Verona—the Romans called the Valpolicella un’isola felice—a happy island!  The Valpolicella has existed as a wine producing region since before the time of the Greeks, at the very Southwest end of the Veneto Province.  The word Valpolicella means Valley of Cellars and has one of the world’s most interesting heritages of wine. 

There is the gorgeous, young and bright Valpolicella which is often compared to the Beaujolais of France, then there are older aged wines, the Rispassa which is aged and re-fermented in Amarone barrels, Amarone itself which is the crown jewel of the Valpolicella made with dried grapes, and, a sweet gem-like dessert wine called Reciotto.  If you come on this trip to learn only about the Valpolicella it would be the experience of a lifetime!
The rest of our trip will be spent in Verona or another spot in the Valpolicella where I’d like to do one more cooking class and a day visit to Vincenza where we’ll visit the Anselmi Winery and a Soave winery in that region as well.  While in the Valpolicella we’ll visit several wineries where we can taste all the various wines of the region and have a great evening out where we’ll enjoy regional foods paired with Valpolicella wines. 
So Venice, Treviso, Vencenza and Verona, including the Valpolicella—what could be better?  As always, our trip will be booked and coordinated by Mark Simoes of Balboa Travel.  Go to to check out the scene!


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Special Announcement...

Drew will be holding classes at the Osher U of U Lifelong Learning classes next fall!

 These classes will be four Tuesday nights in October at Kiler Grove Winery  6 PM 

The cost is $119 plus a $100 food and wine fee


See pictures of Drew's  Class at this website:


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